Hollywood CRA

Reduce and ultimately stop any littering at the beach and bring awareness to how litter effects the visual quality of the area as well the ecosystem/ marine life habitats at the beach.

Miami Visually Speaking

What a fun project to work on! Indulged in such a magnificent collection photographs, this latest project from professional photographer Kiko Ricote is a book called “Miami Visually Speaking”. My role in this project was to art direct the layout of the book and design pages that reflect Miami’s mood and spirit.

Sony XEL-1

Visitors to the XEL-1 website still outnumber by a landslide all other Sony websites combined! Since launching the campaign, overwhelming interest and higher than anticipated sales for the XEL-1 are the norm despite its commanding price. Click below to find other campaign components.

Poder Magazine Cover

The publication Poder was looking for fresh cover concepts surrounding the popular political topic “Obama Care”. We presented two concepts. First option was President Obama wearing bandages all over his head; second (the one chosen) concept I created is more generic and speaks in general about this topic using an American flag printed ace bandage.

Classical Radio 89.7

Only in Miami. A few years back when the only classical station went off the air, we truly missed it. Imagine, a world class city without classical music radio. So when we learned through the airwaves that the recently formed Classical South Florida Public Radio was in peril for not meeting its pledge drive, we took action.

Universidad Barça

To develop this concept we took the essence of Club Barca experience as winning company and its accessibility to be learned. The visuals show sporting goods in exploded view with a brain in it representing the club experience calling attention to the target to read the content and connect with the message.

Elle Air

Elle Air is a local start up Blow Dry Bar located in Surfside, Miami with intentions of expansion into franchise. The company needed a complete brand and promotional foundation package. We created a logo + brand guidelines. We designed and produced all on-premise signage as well as website, promotional collateral including email blast templates, illustrations for style guides and service menus.

Culture Fest

The assignment was to create a poster for the Cultural fest that compile key elements belonging to the event program. The main image is a 305 made out of different graphics applying fresh Miami colors.